About The Department
    The Department of Hindi was formally established on 1st March 1984 when a post was sanctioned by Government of Assam, but Hindi as MIL had also been taught earlier. Prof. Narayan Talukdar, Sri Phonidhar Bora and Late Rohini Raman Karan 'Maithil', who served as part time lecturers, are among those whose great contribution can not be forgotten.
    Late Rohini Raman Karan 'Maithil' was the first to be appointed as lecturer on ad hoc basis in 1982. He retired on 16th January 1994 and Dr. Vijay Kumar Verma joined on 1st October 1994 against the post. In 1999, Dr Punam Pal Singh joined in the department as ad hoc lecturer when Elective Hindi (then as core subject) was introduced in the college on the demand of the students.
    Sri Bimal Bora, a part time Lecturer from 2001 to 2004 had also rendered valuable service to the department. Later, when Hindi was introduced as Major Course (presently Honours Course) in 2012-2013, Mrs Mahamaya Singh, a part time Lecturer had also rendered valuable service to the department from 2013 to 2016.
    It may be worth mentioning that J. B. College was the first among the south bank colleges of Dibrugarh University to introduce Honours in Hindi. Presently, Miss Sumi Sarmah and Ruplim Bordoloi has also been rendering valuable services to the department as part-time teachers.